Use the Sets tool to create, import, and export sets/groups of components (parts), elements, and nodes.

The sets defined for the current model are listed in the Sets panel. Check boxes allow you to select which sets will currently be displayed in the modeling window. The set type is also shown in this listing. You can also sort the items in the Sets list by clicking on one of the list headings. In addition, keyboard shortcuts and a context menu are available for items within the list.
Note: Some file formats include sets/groups defined by the user or the solver software. These groups will be available in the Sets list after importing the model data.
You can also import HyperView set definition files, Animator3 session files, LSPost set files, Patran session files, or Nastran/OptiStruct set files into HyperLife, as well as export HyperView set definition files, Patran session files, Nastran set files, or OptiStruct set files.

HyperView group definition files can be edited. In addition, the contents of a saved set file can be added, removed, or modified using the session file.