Set Entity Editor Attributes

Sets can be edited by selecting a set in the Results Browser then changing the attributes in the Entity Editor.


The ID of the set.
Restriction: This field is not editable.
Activate/deactivate the check box to turn the display of the set on/off in the modeling window.
Click in the field to change the label of the set.
Entity IDs
Lists the number of entities in the active set. Click in the field to activate the input collector, which allows you to select/change the entity type of a set. You can also hold down Shift and left click the collector to display the Extended Entity Selection dialog.


Select/change the color of the feature lines of the entities in a set using the color box and palette.
ID Visibility
Display the IDs of entities in a set/group.
Draw Style
Select the drawing style for the active set using the input collector.
Draw Size
Change the thickness of the wire for the active set.