Additional Comments

Supported Results for 1D Elements

HyperLife supports 1D (or line) element results. Each 1D element has two corners and a base (centroid) location for elemental results. HyperLife supports contour colors for the base (centroid) location only. This means an element will have only one color when the Use corner data option in the Contour panel is not selected. When the Use corner data option is selected, the element contour color becomes gray. However, you can still use the Query panel to query corner results.

For HyperMesh Users

If you are familiar with HyperMesh, you know that it contains a contour panel as well. The Contour panel in HyperLife processes result values differently and more accurately than the HyperMesh Contour panel. In the HyperMesh contour panel, the elemental results are averaged to nodes and the averaged values are used for the colors and legend display. By doing this, the Max/Min result values are averaged, thus lowering the Max values in the legend. This may cause some confusion for HyperMesh users when they use the Contour panel in HyperLife. To match a HyperMesh contour plot in HyperLife, verify that the Use corner data option is deactivated, select the Simple averaging method without variation, and use Analysis System for Resolved in. This is done because in HyperMesh, the results are always treated as scalars, so transformation to other systems cannot be applied. When the Analysis System option is used, the original values are extracted directly from the result file for averaging. Considering the extended support of transformation and averaging methods in HyperLife, we recommend using HyperLife for an accurate post-processing of results.