Apply Cached Results

All created cached results are displayed in the Results Browser as a flat list in a separate folder named Cached Results.

The names listed in the browser are a combination of the data type and the component. When there is more than one combination of the same data type and component (for example, with different layers or averaging types), a number in parentheses will be added next to the name.

Apply cached results using one of the following methods.
  • Click on the data item icon in the browser.
  • Right-click on the data item in the browser and select Plot > Contour from the context menu.
Cached results can be applied or turned off by toggling their corresponding icons (located next to each line item in the tree view).
  • A bold icon next to a cached result indicates that it is currently applied.
  • A dimmed icon next to a cached result represents that it is currently turned off/not applied.