Scans a model to find if the assemblies in the passed Tcl list exist in the model.


::hwat::utils::ScanAssemblies list_of_required_assemblies deepScanList


A list of assembly names and a component list corresponding to each assembly. The function will check if each of these assemblies exists in the model or not.
A Tcl list of assemblies from the previous list that should be inferred using component names and titles, if not found by the L1 and L2 search.
Default = ""


The function returns an interlaced list that conforms to the requirements of the Tcl array set command. The indices of the array are "USER" and "REQ". The value of the USER index into the array contains a list of assemblies that were found in the model, but not contained in the "list_of_required_assemblies". The value of REQ is a list of assemblies, from the "list_of_required_assemblies", that were found in the current model.


::hwat::utils::ScanAssemblies [list A_PILLAR [list 1001 2001] B_PILLAR [list] Vehicle [list 1500 3245]]


The REQ list returned may be sub-set of the original "list_of_required_assemblies" if not all assemblies were present in the model.