General presentation


A certain number of applications called “Application … coupled with Transient Thermal” are available in Flux. The list of these applications is depicted in the table below.

Coupling Application 2D 3D

Magnetic/ Thermal

Steady State AC Magnetic coupled with Transient Thermal (2D / 3D)

yes yes

Electric/ Thermal

Electric Conduction coupled with Transient Thermal (2D)

yes no

Steady State AC Electric coupled with Transient Thermal (2D)

available in Advanced mode only

yes no


These coupled applications allow the thermal study of the devices heated by electromagnetic induction or by electric conduction.

General operation

This type of study couples two applications:

  • a magnetic or an electric application (1) that allows the computation of the power dissipated by Joule effect in the heated region of the studied device
  • a thermal application (2) that allows the study of the temperature evolution in the heated region of the device

The power dissipated by Joule effect, computed with application (1), is introduced as a heat source of the problem in application 2.

The temperature computed with application 2 is introduced, for the evaluation of the material characteristics, in application 1.