Global quantities available for postprocessing


The global quantities available in Steady state AC are listed in the following blocks.

The global quantities are stored by category in function to the computation:

  • Region: for a computation on spatial support (region, volume, face…)
  • Component: for a computation on an electrical component
  • Mechanical set: for a computation on a mechanical set

This part concerns only the quantities computed on « Region »

Usual global quantities (Region)

The usual global quantities available for a computation on a spatial support are presented in the table below.

Note: * The forces available in 2D plane and 2D axi are different:
  • 2D plane:
    • the modulus of the vector
    • the orientation of the vector
    • the both components on X and on Y of the vector
  • 2D axi :
    • axial component: axial vector modulus
    • radial component: angular density of the vector