Flux e-Machine Toolbox: The application


The application Flux e-Machine Toolbox allows to:
  • Launch computations of performance mapping of an electrical machine starting from a coupling component generated in Flux
  • Post-process these maps

Launching of Flux e-Machine Toolbox

2 possibilities to access Flux e-Machine Toolbox application:
  • Automatically after the generation of the coupling component (if the option has been chosen). The application is opened and the generated component is automatically opened
  • Via the supervisor by clicking on:


Here is the environment of Flux e-Machine Toolbox with an opened component without any test run.

  1. Allow the opening of a coupling component generated via Flux
  2. Allow access to online documentation of Flux e-Machine Toolbox
  3. Different filters for the display of the central zone (all filters are active once a test is done)
  4. Display initial conditions which match the information in the configuration file of the coupling component
  5. Display input parameters, chosen by the user, of the displayed test (empty if no test achieved)
  6. Input parameters that the user must choose before running the test
    • either directly in FeMT, by clicking on:
    • or through PBS, by clicking on to export an archive to run the test in PBS and then by clicking on to import a new test from an archive which contains the results of a distributed computation performed on PBS
  7. Access on About box by clicking on the icon:

  8. Allow to modify the values of the scales for all efficiency maps
  9. Allow to list the tests done in the opened FEMT component.

    Several actions are possible: export a test, delete a test, recompute the result with new values for some parameters.

Note: The Overview tab corresponds to general information on the Flux e-Machine Toolbox application. This tab is independent of the opened component and independent of tests done.