Creation of a spatial quantity by importation


The user can create a spatial quantity by importing one file containing the coordinates of the nodes and of the associated values of the quantity.

Conditions of use

It permits exchanges of data without the need of using the multiphysics session.

Imported file

A tabulated spatial quantity can be created via importation of a file containing specific data for each node. Differents formats are available:

Format Description

DEX = Data EXchange

format specific to Flux

*.IP IP is a format for the Fluent software
Tabulated The user enters the coordinates of the points manually

Importation option

If the nodes of the selected support are different from the points of the imported file, the user can chose an importation option between:

Importation option Description
Node to node  
By proximity

Permits to take the node located at the nearest point of the file.

The user has to specify the maximum distance allowed between the nodes and the points of the file.

Creating a spatial quantity by import

To create a tabulated spatial quantity by import:

Step Action

In the menu Parameter/Quantity:

  • point on Spatial quantity
  • activate the command New (constant) tabulated spatial quantity by importation
A dialog box «New tabulated spatial quantity … » is opened
2 Choose the Name of the spatial quantity

Choose the support for importation:

  • choose the type of region (surface or volume)
  • choose the region

Specify the file to be imported:

  • choose the format (DEX, IP or tabulated)
  • choose the file to be imported, or define the coordinates of the points if the chosen format is «tabulated»

Choose the import option between:

  • Node to node


  • By proximity:
  • Specify the maximum authorized distance between nodes and the file points
6 Choose the position of the mechanical set (if any)
7 Validate by OK