Power balance (Steady State AC Magnetic application)


In Steady state AC magnetic application, the computed physical quantities vary sinusoidally with time (at a given frequency). They are expressed by means of complex images.

The power balance allows the access to the powers dissipated by the system.

Sub-systems definition: reminder

The system comprises one or more sub-systems like the one presented in the figure below.

Computation / results

The values calculated for each of the sub-systems and for the period T=1/f:

  • the dissipated powers (mean values over a T period)
Attention: In the presence of symmetries and/or periodicities, the results correspond to the whole device, contrary to what is usually carried out in Flux.
Remember: The results usually correspond to the part of the device represented in the finite elements domain, with the exception of the magnetic flux in the coils, the forces/torques applied on mobile mechanical sets.

Dissipated powers

For the dissipated powers, a summary of the computed quantities is presented in the table below.


Losses (instantaneous) (in W)

  • Losses by the Joule effect in the solid conductors

    , with S defined by:

  • Losses by the Joule effect in the stranded conductors:

    (with I peak)


Losses by the Joule effect (resistive components):

, with S defined by: (with U and I peak)