Environment Initialisation Script - initfeko

The initfeko.bat (batch file on Windows) and initfeko (bash shell script on Unix / Linux) scripts are executed from a terminal to configure the Feko environment. From this environment, the Feko applications can be launched without using their full path.

The scripts are provided for convenience and it is not required to use them. All Feko applications can be launched directly by using the full path to the application and the environment will be configured correctly.

The command line parameters for initfeko are as follows:
Verbose mode (prints some information output).
Shows additional debug output while setting the environment.
Timeout on error (default is to wait for user).
Mode to setup a complete standalone Feko terminal.1
Note: View the Environment Settings Overview for more information on how to set up the Feko environment using Lua commands and internal functions.
1 Note that -console is also supported