Command Line Arguments for Launching AMRFEKO

Run AMRFEKO to perform automatic mesh refinements.

The syntax is:
amrfeko filename
amrfeko filename [options]
where the optional argument options in the second line may be:
Displays the help message.
Output only the version information to the command line and terminate.
Files pertaining to each iteration of the refinement process are retained.
The final refined model is saved only but not solved.
--frequency FREQUENCY
Set the frequency to use for refinement (also sets the number of frequencies to 1, ignoring any supplied setting for the number of frequencies).
--error-threshold HIGH | NORMAL | LOW
Set error threshold (high / normal / low). A low threshold requires smaller errors before it terminates the mesh refinement. It could be considered an aggressive mesh refinement compared to the other options.
--runfeko-options OPTION_1 [OPTION_2 ...]
All following options will be passed to RUNFEKO.

For each adaptive mesh refinement iteration, the Solver is run. After the final adaptive mesh refinement is reached, the refined model is saved. If a .cfx file was provided, the refined model is saved as <model>_refined.cfx.

AMRFEKO can also be run on an EDITFEKO model (.pre file) or a .fek file. When there is no .cfx file present, the refined model is saved as <model>_fek_refined.fek.


The following examples shows how to call AMRFEKO:

amrfeko Example.cfx --error-threshold low
amrfeko Example.pre --error-threshold low --keep-files
amrfeko Example.fek --frequency 1e9