OPTFEKO is the component that controls the optimisation process. The optimisation parameters are usually associated with geometric dimensions, material properties, excitations and loadings. For example, the gain of a horn antenna is maximised by varying the size of the horn aperture.

OPTFEKO requires two components for successful execution:
  1. A parametric model that consists of at least a .pre file, or a .cfx file (or possibly both).
  2. An .opt file that specifies how the model is optimised.

All options relating to optimisation are specified through the CADFEKO interface and is stored in the .opt file. The parametric model is prepared using CADFEKO and or EDITFEKO.

Optimisation is based on, comprising a number of parts:
  • Method to be used for the search (including method settings regarding accuracy and stopping criteria).
  • Parameters define the range in which the search will be performed.
  • Goals specify the desired result of the optimisation process.
Note: Multiple Parameters and Goals may be defined as part of a single Search. The goals are combined into a single representative function that is minimised or maximised.