The Preprocessor PREFEKO

Use PREFEKO to perform meshing and to prepare the input files for the Feko solver.

The component PREFEKO performs three tasks:
  1. PREFEKO creates the mesh for the Feko solver based on geometry input from the user.
  2. PREFEKO imports meshed geometry, usually constructed in CADFEKO.
  3. All the mesh and requested control and output requests specified by the user is integrated by PREFEKO into the final Feko input file.
With regards to meshing PREFEKO subdivides surfaces into elementary surfaces (usually triangles) while wires are subdivided into segments. The mesh size (density) is dependent on the wavelength and medium parameters, which should be specified by the user.

This section describes the principal workings of the PREFEKO component. Assuming the user is specifying the geometry in a .pre file (usually with EDITFEKO), the user first defines the location of points in space with the DP card. Structures are then defined in terms of these points. For example, two points may be joined to form a line (BL card), or four points for a parallelogram (BP card).