S-Parameter Port De-embedding Calculator

The command line utility accepts an augmented S-parameter network definition, de-embeds the specified ports using 2-port calibration definitions and exports the result to an S-parameter Touchstone file.

The syntax is:
deembed filename [options]
where the optional argument options may be:
Output only the version information to the command line and terminate.
--pall fname
De-embed all ports using the network data in <fname>.
--px fname
De-embed port <x> using the network data in <fname>.
--export-format format
Data format of the exported network parameters:
RI Real/Imaginary
MA Magnitude/Phase
--resultsfile fname
Name of the results file.


The following example shows how to de-embed a four way power divider:
Figure 1. An example of how to use the utility.

deembed Four_Way_Power_Divider_SP.s5p --p1 TL_1_SP.s2p --p3 TL_3_SP.s2p --p4 TL_4_SP.s2p