Data for tetrahedra solved with the FEM or VEP methods consist of the label, medium, coordinates and solution method.

The data for the tetrahedral volume elements are printed in a table as follows:


 no.    label    x1 in m    y1 in m    z1 in m       nodes
        medium   x2 in m    y2 in m    z2 in m       faces
        type     x3 in m    y3 in m    z3 in m       edges
                 x4 in m    y4 in m    z4 in m     volume in m*m*m
 1      DRA1   1.0000E+00  0.0000E+00  0.0000E+00     1     2     3     4
        air    2.0000E+00  0.0000E+00  0.0000E+00     1     2     3     4
         0     2.0000E+00  1.0000E+00  0.0000E+00     1     2     3     4     5     6
               2.0000E+00  0.0000E+00  7.5000E-01     1.2500E-01
 2      DRA1   1.0000E+00  0.0000E+00  0.0000E+00     1     4     5     6
        air    2.0000E+00  0.0000E+00  7.5000E-01     5     6     7     8
         0     1.0000E+00  0.0000E+00  7.5000E-01     3     7     8     9     10    11
               1.0000E+00  1.0000E+00  7.5000E-01     1.2500E-01
 3      DRA1   2.0000E+00  1.0000E+00  0.0000E+00     3     4     6     7
        air    2.0000E+00  0.0000E+00  7.5000E-01     9     10    11    12
         0     1.0000E+00  1.0000E+00  7.5000E-01     6     12    13    10    14    15
               2.0000E+00  1.0000E+00  7.5000E-01     1.2500E-01
Note: In the above table the spacing between columns was reduced to facilitate rendering the rows as single lines of data.
The consecutive numbers of the elements are given in the first column. Column two contains 3 entries in the following order:
  1. The label of the element.
  2. The medium name of the element.
  3. The type of tetrahedra.
The type of tetrahedra makes the distinction between the solution method and whether the element is a dielectric and/or a magnetic element as follows:
Table 1. Types of Tetrahedral Volume Elements
Type Description/Method
0 FEM element (dielectric and/or magnetic)
1 VEP dielectric element
2 VEP magnetic element
3 VEP dielectric and magnetic element
5 Metallic FEM element

Columns 3, 4 and 5 provide the X coordinate, Y coordinate and Z coordinate of the vertices of the element. The numbers of each node, face and edge bounding the tetrahedral element follow in the last columns.