Dielectric Cuboids

Data for dielectric cuboids consist of the geometry information such as the medium, label and corner points as well as the basis functions.

If dielectric volume elements (cuboids) are used, then the following data block is given in the output:

                         DATA OF THE DIELECTRIC CUBOIDS

    No.       x1 in m     y1 in m     z1 in m
    label     x2 in m     y2 in m     z2 in m
    medium    x3 in m     y3 in m     z3 in m
              x4 in m     y4 in m     z4 in m
        1   0.0000E+00  0.0000E+00  0.0000E+00
     Cube   1.0000E-01  0.0000E+00  0.0000E+00
     wood   0.0000E+00  1.0000E-01  0.0000E+00
            0.0000E+00  0.0000E+00  1.0000E-01
        2   0.0000E+00  0.0000E+00  1.0000E-01
     Cube   1.0000E-01  0.0000E+00  1.0000E-01
     wood   0.0000E+00  1.0000E-01  1.0000E-01
            0.0000E+00  0.0000E+00  2.0000E-01
        3   0.0000E+00  0.0000E+00  2.0000E-01
     Cube   1.0000E-01  0.0000E+00  2.0000E-01
     wood   0.0000E+00  1.0000E-01  2.0000E-01
            0.0000E+00  0.0000E+00  3.0000E-01
Note: In the above data the cuboids are assigned the label Cube and the dielectric medium with label wood.
Each cuboid is given a consecutive number. The x , y and z corner point coordinates are given in the first three columns. The first row is the reference point. The second row is the corner point which gives the direction of the first basis function (defined from the reference point). Similarly, the third and fourth rows define the next two basis functions with respect to the reference point.
Each dielectric cuboid contains three basis functions, one in each coordinate direction. The data of these basis functions are given in the following format:

                            Symmetry information
 No.   cuboidno. direc.    yz      xz      xy    status
  1       1       1         0       0       0    unknown  
  2       2       1         0       0       0    unknown  
  3       3       1         0       0       0    unknown  
  4       4       1         0       0       0    unknown  
  5       5       1         0       0       0    unknown

The first column gives the number of the basis function in consecutive numbers. The next column indicates the number of the cuboid. The column direc. indicates the direction of the basis function in the respective cuboid: the number 1 indicates that the basis function is defined from the reference point to the second corner point. The last four columns contain information regarding the symmetry properties of the cuboid where the structure and the meaning is the same as with the other basis functions.