Computation Time and Peak Memory

Computation time and memory data consist of the computation time for the different stages of the solution such as checking the geometry and matrix calculation time. The peak memory and memory per process is also provided.

The final section in the output file gives an overview of the computation time, in seconds, in a

tabular format:

                                             CPU-time       runtime
 Reading and constructing the geometry          0.184         0.184
 Checking the geometry                          0.095         0.095
 Initialisation of the Green's function         0.000         0.000
 Calcul. of coupling for PO/Fock                0.000         0.000
 Transformation to equivalent sources           0.000         0.000
 Ray launching/tracing phase of RL-GO           0.000         0.000
 Calcul. of matrix elements                    18.036        18.037
 Calcul. of right-hand side vector              0.001         0.000
 Preconditioning system of linear eqns.         0.437         0.439
 Solution of the system of linear eqns.         3.367         3.365
 Eigensolution for characteristic modes         0.000         0.000
 Determination of surface currents              0.000         0.000
 Calcul. of impedances/powers/losses            0.045         0.045
 Calcul. of averaged SAR values                 0.000         0.000
 Calcul. of power receiving antenna             0.000         0.000
 Calcul. of cable coupling                      0.000         0.000
 Calcul. of error estimates                     0.000         0.000
 Calcul. of electric near field                 0.000         0.000
 Calcul. of magnetic near field                 0.000         0.000
 Calcul. of far field                           0.000         0.000
                            other               0.127         0.128
                                         ------------  ------------
                         total times:          22.292        22.293
               (total times in hours:           0.006         0.006)
This table is followed by an output of the peak memory usage (main memory, excluding possible out- of-core files) which Feko encountered during any solution phase:
Specified CPU-times are referring to the master process only
 Sum of the CPU-times of all processes:        89.173 seconds (     0.025 hours)
 On average per process:                       22.293 seconds (     0.006 hours)

 Peak memory usage during the whole solution: 60.218 MByte
 (refers to the master process only)
 Sum of the peak memory of all processes:     233.845 MByte
 On average per process:                      58.461 MByte