Viewing the Optimisation Results

View the optimisation results obtained by OPTFEKO.

The graphs have already been configured to view the progress of the optimisation process.
View the final results of OPTFEKO for the optimisation parameters on the previously defined 3D view and 2D graphs.
Figure 1. The optimisation run number on a Cartesian graph.

Note: For more details on the optimisation process, view the log file, Dipole_Optimisation.log, that was created in the same directory as the current model.

OPTFEKO creates multiple CADFEKO (.cfx) models for each iteration, located in the same directory as the current model. For example:

Dipole Optimisation_opt_1.cfx
Dipole Optimisation_opt_2.cfx
Dipole Optimisation_opt_3.cfx
Dipole Optimisation_opt_17.cfx

including the model with the variables set to the optimum values (indicated by the _optimum file extension).

Figure 2. The optimised far field for the bent dipole and plate.