Viewing the Results

View and post-process the results in POSTFEKO.

  1. View the runtime and memory using one of the following methods:
    • in the *.out file
    • in the model browser
      Tip: In the model browser click Results tab and select Solution Information. View the solution information in the details browser.
  2. Compare the runtime and memory for the MLFMM and MoM.
    Table 1. Memory and runtime requirements for the MLFMM and MoM models.
    Solution method Memory (MBytes) Runtime (seconds)
    MoM 336 35
    MLFMM 127 4
  3. Compare the bistatic RCS of the trihedral for the MLFMM and MoM models.
    Figure 1. Comparison of the bistatic RCS for a trihedral using MLFMM and MoM .