Viewing the Results

View and post-process the results in POSTFEKO.

  1. Compare the gain (in dB) of the requested far field patterns on a polar plot.
    Figure 1. A polar plot of the requested radiation patterns for the different solvers in POSTFEKO.

  2. View the runtime and memory requirements for each model in their respective .out files. Open the .out file in the output file viewer (in POSTFEKO), or in any other text file viewer.
  3. Use the MoM solution as reference.
    Table 1. Memory and runtime requirements for the different solvers normalised to the MoM solution.
    Solution method Memory (% of MoM) Runtime (% of MoM)
    HOBF 2.3 34
    FDTD 31 161
    UTD 0.05 0.5
    RL-GO 11.5 3.4
    PO 0.95 3.3
    LE-PO 0.11 1.2