Library Creator

Use the Library Creator tool to create, modify, and encrypt extensions to be used in the Extension Manager.

The Library Creator is located in the File Utilities ribbon.

The Library Creator opens in a dialog box with two tabs, Basic Info and Optional. These tabs let you create a plugin.xml, loader.oml, unload.oml, and organized folders to be used as an extension.

Library Creator functions include:
  • Create an extension from scratch by entering basic info and optional files.
  • Create an extension from scratch by entering basic info, optional files, and encrypting the extension.
  • Load an existing extension to modify and encrypt it.
  • Load an existing extension to encrypt it.
Note: You cannot currently encrypt Python files.

Basic Info Tab

Option Description
Name Enter the name of the extension.
Description Enter a short description of the extension.
OML File Paths

Select the folder from which OML files and functions will load, unload, and populate with the auto-completion feature in Compose.

After you click Create, all contents are copied from the selected folder to <extension>/scripts/oml.

Version Enter the version of the extension.
Encrypt Library Select the check box to encrypt the extension. All OML files are encrypted in subfolders except for the demos folder.
Create Creates an extension with plugin.xml, loader.oml, unload.oml, and organized folders as in the image below.

The scripts folder has an OML subfolder will all the selected OML file paths.

Load Automatically populated fields in both tabs from the selected extension. The tool reads plugin.xml from the selected extension.
Reset Resets to default settings, emptying the fields in both tabs.

Optional Tab

Option Description
Hidden File Paths Select the OML files and functions that the extension will register as hidden paths.

This is similar to OML File Paths in the Basic Info tab, but functions in these OML scripts do not populate in the autocompletion feature of Compose.

Author Enter author information.
Resources Any resources that you want in the extension. Currently, /icons is supported.
Minimum Version Minimum product version that this extension will work with.
Documentation Point to the help documentation or help folder. Supported file types are .DOCX, .PDF, .HTML, and web links.
Demos Select the demos folder to be shown in the demo browser when the extension is loaded.
Third-party Select the third-party folder for the extension. This creates an empty third-party folder for future additions.
Source Code Select source code folder for the extension. This creates an empty src folder for future additions.
Icon Select the image to be shown for the extension.