Edge Compute Platform

When deploying the "App - Edge Compute Platform" application to your Edge Asset the Core Services will be installed, as well as the Export MQTT and Altair IoT Studio Support services. This gives a minimum edge deployment with synchronization and telemetry publishing functionality.

The following Core Services are included:
  • ase-core-api
  • ase-core-cache
  • ase-core-cloud
  • ase-core-health
  • ase-core-message
  • ase-core-meta
The following Export Service is included:
  • ase-core-export-mqtt
The following Support Service is included:
  • ase-support-iot-studio

All these services can be deployed by adding the "App - Edge Compute Platform" applications from the Marketplace to your own space (see Marketplace).

Figure 1.

See Edge-Cloud Sync for information on how to set the override parameters to enable the synchronization.

Edge Compute Platform API

See the OpenAPI documentation for details on the available endpoints.

Note that this documentation is written for using the API locally with a REST client. In this case authentication is required.

When using the API client in Studio (see Using the Cluster API Inspector), the local API is exposed via MQTT and authentication is already taken care of.

Certain endpoints shown in the OpenAPI documentation will only be available after the necessary services have been deployed.

For example:
  • Reports: requires the Discovery service
  • OPC-UA: requires the OPC-UA device driver
  • LoRaWAN: requires the LoRaWAN device driver