Add an Edge App to Your Space

  1. To add an available Edge application from Marketplace to your space, click Marketplace and see the list of available apps you can choose from.
  2. Click on the desired application to open the side pane. Click Add to Space. The app Magma Vent Flow Meter is used in this example.
    Figure 1.

  3. Click Confirm to confirm the action.
    Figure 2.

    The selected application is moved from the Marketplace to Edge Applications.
    Figure 3.

    The Edge Application version is not editable. However, when a new version of an Edge app is available, you can update the Cluster with the latest version and make deployments to it.
    Figure 4.

  4. To deploy another version to the Cluster, select Deployments.
    This will lock the selected version of Edge applications.
  5. Enter the Name and click Save.
    Figure 5.

In addition to predefined sets of Edge applications, any other container-based applications you want to install at the Edge can be defined in the Marketplace, including third-party applications.