The rotor field winding has a lot of similarities with the 3-phase winding. Therefore, in each sub-section of the Rotor Winding context, only the differences compared to the 3-phase winding are mentioned.

For further information regarding basic knowledge and terminology about electrical winding, please refer to the user help guide: “Windings” section field winding, which is dedicated to the winding design General user information.

Here is the homepage for the design of the rotor winding.

ROTOR WINDING design area
1 Selection of the ROTOR subset: WINDING panel (click on the icon WINDING)

A section scrolling bar allows choosing the section in which user inputs are defined.

Scrolling selection bar where Winding architecture, Coil, Insulation, End-winding, X-Factor and Potting sections can be selected

3-4 Winding input parameter panel dedicated for designing of the winding architecture (mainly the number of parallel paths)

Once a winding is defined, the corresponding results are automatically displayed in the form of a winding report. Visualization of the winding characteristics (inputs, settings, materials, etc) is possible.

Scrollbars allow browsing the whole document rapidly and give an overview of all the results. Using scrollbars, complete data can be accessed and visualized.

6 Shortcuts to easily navigate in the output sections