POLE design area
1 Selection of the ROTOR subset: POLE panel (click on the icon POLE)
2 Visualization of the motor radial view to view the pole topology and dimensions.
The DESIGN tab indicates the tools to define the pole topology and parameter values.
Note: By default, the DESIGN tab is selected.
4 The SKEW tab indicates the tools to define the rotor skew angle
5 "Pole shape" button allows accessing the pole libraries to change the pole topology. See additional information below.
6 User input parameter fields to enter the values.
7 Button to restore default input values.
8 Button to apply inputs. Pressing the “enter key” twice applies inputs too.

Output parameters (read only data) to complete the description of the topology.

In this section, some dimensions considered important for the dimension of the topology are given.

10 Icon to export pole data into *.txt or *.xlsx files.