Fast import

The import button allows sharing the data simulated in Flux between model map and efficiency tests.

By implementing the rotor position dependency option for the model map test and efficiency map test of synchronous machines, this update facilitates the seamless transfer of settings, inputs, and crucially, simulated data in Flux between the two tests. As they use the same Flux data in most cases and significant computation time is required to obtain it, users can now accelerate the test resolution and optimize their workflow.

To streamline this process, an import button has been introduced in both the model map and efficiency map tests of the following machines:
  • Reluctance Synchronous Machines - Inner rotor
  • Synchronous Machines with wound field – Inner Salient Pole - Inner rotor
Note: The import button will be added to the tests of Synchronous machines – Permanent magnets - Inner & Outer rotor in the next version.

Upon completing a model map test, users can activate the import button in the efficiency map test GUI. This enables them to effortlessly import the settings and corresponding Flux data from the previous test, eliminating the need to rerun Flux for identical data, a step that typically consumes a substantial portion of computation time during efficiency mapping.

Conversely, upon concluding an efficiency map test, users can use the import button in the efficiency map test GUI to import settings and Flux data from the efficiency map test, further enhancing workflow efficiency.
Note: Only the most recent test results can be imported, saved test results are not yet able to be imported.
Note: While there are shared settings and inputs between the tests, each test may have its own unique settings and inputs. In such cases, the default settings and inputs of the second test are automatically applied.
Note: When importing from the efficiency map test to the model map test, the quadrant setting defaults to the value specified in the model map test. For certain machine types (SMWF: 1st and 2nd quadrants, SM-RSM: 1st quadrant), specific quadrant selections are applied.
Note: In instances where quadrant inputs lead to incompatibility between the model map test and the efficiency map test, only settings and inputs are imported. A warning is issued, and Flux simulation is initiated to rectify the discrepancy.

Import function in Model Map test and Efficiency Map test to accelerate test resolution
1 Open model map test environment when an efficiency map test is available for import
2 Click the import button and import the settings, inputs, and Flux data of the latest efficiency map test
3 Open efficiency map test environment when a model map test is available for import
4 Click the import button and import the settings, inputs, and Flux data of the latest model map test