1. Edit a motor from the reference catalogs

Edit a motor allows modifying its general data and properties by using Motor Factory.

As all the motors from reference catalogs are in read only mode, before editing such motor user must copy it in a user’s catalog. A dedicated dialog box allows doing that quickly as it is shown below.

Edit a motor from reference catalogs
1 Selection of a reference catalog.
2 Selection of one motor in the selected catalog. This motor is displayed in the central area.
3 Click on the button “EDIT”.
4 As a motor from reference catalog is considered, a dialog box allows copying the selected motor in a user’s catalog.
5 Give a name to the motor.
6 Choose a user’s catalog in which the copied motor will be stored.
7 Button to cancel the edition of the motor.
8 Button to apply inputs and edit the selected motor.

Then, Motor Factory is launched allowing the reading and/or the modification of the properties of the motor.

2. Motor from User’s catalogs

In this case, as the motor is not in a Read only mode, it allows opening the motor directly with Motor Factory application which can be used to read or/and modify its characteristics.