Management of catalogs

1. Main areas

Here are the main zones that compose “CATALOG” environment of the Motor Catalog.

Zones of Motor Catalog – Catalog area view
Zone 1 Motor Catalog has two main environments: CATALOG and MOTORS.When CATALOG is selected = Blue color Catalog environment of Motor Catalog is displayed.Moreover, three main functions are available from the top of this panel:
  • Create a new catalog,
  • Load a catalog
  • Set catalog as favorite
Zone 2 Reference catalogs provided with the software are available.

Selections of catalogs must be done in this field. Motors of these catalogs are read only. However, they can be copied and moved into user’s catalogs.

Zone 3 User’s catalogs. Selections of catalogs must be done in this field.

The users can create new catalogs. See the process in the chapter “Reference commands”.

Zone 4 Visualization of all the motors (thumbnails) are stored in the selected catalog.
Zone 5 Information relative to the selected catalog.“Reminder” is an area in which a memo can be written if needed.
Note: The working folder is accessible for all the catalogs.
Zone 6 It is possible to attach documents to the selected catalog (pictures, pdf files etc.).
Zone 7 Catalogs can be managed from this area:
  • UNLOAD catalog means to cut the link between the catalog files and the CATALOG environment.
  • DELETE catalog means destroy the links and all the associated files and folders.
  • BROWSE allows reaching directly the folder in which stored data of the selected catalog are available.

2.Direct access to main functions

All the functions listed below are described in the section dedicated to reference commands.

Note: These commands are available in CATALOG environment as well as in MOTORS environment.

1 Click on one of the three main buttons to use some main system functions.
  • Book with a star = Set catalog as favorite
  • Book with sign + = Create a new catalog
  • Book with arrow = Load a catalog
Note: These three functions are available in the CATALOG and MOTORS areas.
1* Clicking on this zone allows access to the main menu.
2 Set catalog as favorite. The selected catalog (bold characters) is opened. See the process in the chapter “Reference commands”.
3 Load a catalog from a folder. See the process in the chapter “Reference commands”.
4 Create a new catalog. See the process in the chapter “Reference commands”.

3. Expanding the menu in Motor Catalog

This menu gives access to system functions related to help and exit.

1 Expand the menu on the left top part of Motor Catalog in both areas: CATALOG or MOTORS.
2 List of actions available:
  • About
  • Debug mode
  • Help to open the online help documentation directly on the chapter dealing with Motor Catalog
  • Exit for closing Motor Catalog from the top menu of Motor Catalog
Close Motor Catalog is also possible by using this icon on the right top part of the Motor Catalog panel.
* Close Motor Catalog is also possible by using the shortcut CTRL-Q defined in the user's preferences from the supervisor. For more information, refer to the chapter “user’s preferences”.