Send Data Through HTTP

To send Data through HTTP you need a valid client-id and secret-id. To authenticate the request, you must use the client-id Oauth flow described in the Auth API Reference. Things can send Data using the client-id and secret-id that they received when they were created. In case one Thing wants to send information from another Thing, it needs to use the token from the Thing that has the Data.

The URL to POST will be

To send Data through HTTP you need to send a POST request. The Source from the Data does not need to be specified as it is automatically identified by the client-id. A POST request example:

        "connected": "True",
        "warnings": "False"
201 Successful response
  "at": "2020-06-02T07:35:33Z",
  "id": "21312",
  "source": "thing-id"