Collections permit you to group Things in a logical way and secure them from an access control perspective.

Multiple Collections can be created, and you can change from one Collection to another by selecting it from the drop-down menu.

Figure 1.

Create a Collection

  1. The Collections menu is displayed by default. If you have not created a Collection yet, it will be labelled "– No Collections –"

    Figure 2.
  2. Click New Collection.

  3. Name the Collection (without spaces) and click Create.
    Note: Choose your Collection names carefully! You cannot rename your Collection once it is created.

    Figure 3.
    Once the Collection is created, the Things can be grouped, and you can give permission to other users to that Collection.

Manage Collection Policies

  1. To manage the Policies of a Collection, click Settings next to the Collections menu.

    Figure 4.
    A side panel with Policy information opens.
  2. To add Policies to a collection, click the + symbol.

    Figure 5.
  3. Edit the Policies and click Save.