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The AnythingDB is a specialized, flexible, secure database to help you create a Model of the world and then display it in your application.
Functions provide the capability to execute custom business rules at any level (cloud and edge) with the same architecture.
Stream Processing is a method of tracking and analyzing streams of information of an event, and eventually obtaining useful structured conclusions out of that raw information.
Real Time Visualization offers down-to-the-second data (real-time), automatically updating charts with anomaly detection and user feedback functions.
SmartWorks IoT EdgeOps is a set of tools for building, maintaining and continuously improving code in resource constrained devices at the edge of smart product ecosystems.
Marketplace provides the user with predefined sets of applications for the Edge.
Access Control is how you manage which users and external applications can create, read, update or delete information in SmartWorks IoT.
Spaces are isolated areas for you to build your smart product application.