The AnythingDB is a specialized, flexible, secure database to help you create a Model of the world and then display it in your application.

The AnythingDB is a document database for storing and accessing metadata.

This metadata is separated into Collections which group similar objects together and make it easy to query them through the API. For example, "devices" might be one Collection, while "tasks" might be another Collection. This separation allows you to control access to entire Collections of objects and makes your queries in the front end much more focused.

Collections house Things, which are instances of objects you might find in your smart product ecosystem. Using the "devices" and "tasks" example above, Things in these Collections might be a single device or task for a user, respectively. Things are defined through JSON formatting, in a standard schema called Web of Things "Thing Descriptions". This standard schema allows you to be very prescriptive about what kind of information you expect to populate these Things, validate that the data matches what you expect, and even create user experiences that adjust based on the schema of the data.

The AnythingDB also provides a useful tool for creating Things quickly and reliably called Models. Models are like templates for Things; you create a Model to stamp out many identical instances of a particular Thing.
Note: To get started, first create a Collection. Then you can start building your Things and communicating with them.

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