Marketplace provides the user with predefined sets of applications for the Edge.

Setting up an edge cluster and connecting it to the cloud is required quite a bit of knowledge and is somewhat work-intensive, and you have to use the documentation. It is now available under the Fleet management section of EdgeOps. For example, you want to connect end devices, such as BACnet and toggled iQ, to your Cluster and publish telemetry data to the cloud. In order to do that, you need to install a device driver (application) for each protocol you want to use. A device driver has dependencies, most notably the (core) Edge Compute Platform itself. (Dependencies can be found in the documentation.)

With the Marketplace, you can bypass these steps to find Edge Applications for the device drivers and dependencies, copy them to your own space and deploy them to my Cluster in only a few clicks.

Access the Marketplace from left menu:

Figure 1.