Resource Catalog

The Resource Catalog holds YAML files which reference your code as well as ours. We have specified manage Resource Manifests in the Edge Compute Platform section which you can use to create the ECP. Simply create Resources for the manifests you wish to use, and copy/paste the YAML we have specified into the template. These can then be grouped together in Edge Applications later.

Create a New Resource

  1. From the Resource Catalog menu, click + New Resource .

  2. Name the resource and enter its description.
  3. Select the type from the Type drop-down menu, and select whether the resource is public or private.
  4. Write the resource in YAML format.

    Figure 1. New_Resource Schema
  5. Click Save.
    A message is displayed, the resource appears on the left panel in the Resource Templates list, and icons to edit the resource become available.
  6. Click the Edit icon.
  7. Click Add Parameter.
  8. Enter the name of the parameter and click Save.
    Parameters successfully set message appears.