Cluster Actions in AnythingDB

AnythingDB provides the backbone for EdgeOps, just like it would in your applications. Each cluster in EdgeOps is represented in AnythingDB automatically, so you can interact with it.

In AnythingDB, for every cluster you provision, you will find a corresponding record in the Cluster collection. Each of these records has a few preconfigured actions which you can use to control and configure your cluster remotely.

The following actions are defined automatically:
Run statistics/metrics gathering
Allows you to start and update the interval to receive the metrics.*
Send kubectl
Allows you to send kubectl commands from SmartWorks IoT
Stop statistics/metrics gathering
Allows you to stop the reception of metrics.*
Send Kubernetes API
Allows you to send a RESTful request to the Kubernetes API server running on the cluster.
Note: The Management Service publishes metrics for the nodes and deployments of the cluster at a regular interval (default: 30 seconds). This data is obtained from the Kubernetes Metrics Server which is installed by default in a K3s installation. The published data can be accessed on the Raw History pane.

If an action has a red settings icon and a greyed out Run button, then the action needs to have parameters filled in before it can be executed. Click on the settings icon to display the form.

When running an action, the status updates for the action are shown below the form. The final results of the action are sent up as an event..