SmartWorks IoT EdgeOps is a set of tools for building, maintaining and continuously improving code in resource constrained devices at the edge of smart product ecosystems.

This toolset consists of two major components: the Edge Compute Platform and the Cloud Management Interface.

The Edge Compute Platform is a cutting edge development platform which runs on resource constrained devices - for example the Raspberry Pi or Intel NUC. It takes care of many of the headaches of edge development, like developing for specific chip architectures, ensuring data veracity, connecting to various communication protocols, monitoring resource use, and establishing remote access with a terminal or logs.

The Cloud Management Interface provides handy tools for keeping track of all your deployed code, monitoring it, and packaging up code for future deployments.

Edge Compute Platform leverages a slimmed down version of Kubernetes to manage much of the deployment management, so you will see many terms which will be familiar to Kubernetes users.

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