Edge Applications

Edge Applications allow you to create new configurations from the resources created previously to deploy different services on edge. In this way, you can mix and match different kinds of functionality to create highly specialized edge deployments.

An example might be a "Core Services Only" Edge Application which combines the following resource manifests:
  • secret-ecp-core.yaml
  • secret-ecp-user-credentials.yaml
  • service-ecp-ase-core-api.yaml
  • service-ecp-ase-core-api-nodeport.yaml
  • deployment-ecp-ase-core-api.yaml
  • service-ecp-ase-core-message.yaml
  • deployment-ecp-ase-core-message.yaml
  • secret-ase-core-meta.yaml
  • deployment-ecp-ase-core-meta.yaml
  • secret-ecp-ase-core-cloud.yaml
  • deployment-ecp-ase-core-cloud.yaml
  • service-ecp-ase-core-cache.yaml
  • deployment-ecp-ase-core-cache.yaml
  • deployment-ecp-ase-core-health.yaml

If you are familiar with Kubernetes, you'll note that this is a combination of kubernetes secrets, deployments, and services all coming together to form one cohesive bundle.

Even if you are not familiar with Kubernetes, you'll note that there are many resources listed here - and this is a smaller configuration. That is why Edge Applications help, they give you a handy grouping mechanism for all your manifests.