Free Trial Limits

Your SmartWorks IoT trial account has default limits for each Space. The limits apply to Spaces, that is, available resources like connected devices, Users, Developers, and Edge Nodes within each Space.

You can monitor the “Space” limits on the Space card and by clicking Space Settings > General.

Figure 1. Space Card Information

Figure 2. Space Settings Information
The Limits are applicable to the following:
  • Devices: are hardware devices, such as sensors, gadgets, appliances and other machines that collect and exchange data with the platform via HTTP or MQTT protocols. You can send data from up to 10 devices depending on your token usage for Things, Apps, number of Things connected via MQTT, and Labels connected via MQTT.

Limits Summary

Categories Limits Can be increased
Devices 10 Yes
Users 5 Yes
Developers 2 Yes
Edge Nodes 2 Yes

Note that this limitation might change across time depending on the demand of other Users.

These Active Connections limits are updated in real-time and expires every 24 hours.



When you connect your device with the platform and send data from a device to the platform via HTTP by using Client ID and Client secret, this request needs to be authorized. Altair SmartWorks IoT uses the OAuth2 protocol to authenticate and authorize the user. With the client id and client secret a token gets generated, and this token is the authorization key for sending data. This will be counted as 1 Thing.

Figure 3. One Active Thing
When you create an Apps to link SmartWorks IoT to external sources of information, like AnythingDB, Excel workbook etc. it must supply SmartWorks IoT with an access token before being able to communicate. This token is recorded under Apps.

Figure 4. Active App Added
When you send a data from your device to the platform via MQTT or create a Function to build custom business logic and invoke it through MQTT Trigger, an access token is generated and is recorded as an MQTT device.

Figure 5. Active MQTT Device Added
When you create a Labels and use its MQTT credentials to code a Function for a multiple Thing and use the Label information to invoke the Function, a token gets generated and is reported under Labels.

Figure 6. Active Label Added


Developers are Users currently using the Space. The limit for Developers is 2, that is, 2 Users can work concurrently in the same Space.

Figure 7.


Users are front-end application users who accesses the front-end application and requests Application authorization tokens. The limit for Users is 5, that is, 5 users can request App authorization tokens at a time.

Figure 8.

Edge Nodes

Edge Nodes are the number of Clusters connected to MQTT. The limit for Clusters is 2 - you can connect up to 2 Clusters to MQTT.

Figure 9. Active MQTT Device Added