Project Parameters: IRT Acceleration Tab

Note: These settings are only applicable to the 3D intelligent ray tracing (IRT) model.
Figure 1. The Indoor dialog, IRT Acceleration tab.

Reduced Resolution
This option defines the factor for the Adaptive Resolution Management. Suggested values are 2 or 3.
Searching of Possible Points of Interaction (Spheric Zone)

This option (if enabled) defines the maximum radius (distance) up to which the visibility relations between the elements are considered. The value must be specified in meters.

Suggested values are 40 – 150 meters, depending on the building structure.

In Auto mode, values are selected automatically.

Excluding triangular objects
To accelerate pre-processing and prediction, interactions at selected objects can be excluded. The shielding at these objects is still considered, only reflections, diffractions and transmissions are not allowed at these objects.