Antenna 742 211

The antenna 742 211 is a sector antenna with 67° horizontal and 14° vertical half-power beamwidth and 6° electrical downtilt. The horizontal and vertical patterns of this antenna are given in Figure 1 while the measured, 3D pattern is visualized in Figure 2. The sketch of the 3D pattern is taken from a side view (the main lobe of the antenna characteristic is oriented towards the right).

The views in Figure 3 represent the interpolated 3D patterns for the four different interpolation algorithms. Similar to the measured 3D antenna pattern also these figures show the side view of the antenna with the main lobe oriented towards the right.

Figure 1. 2D antenna patterns in the horizontal and vertical plane (logarithmic scale).

Figure 2. Real (measured) 3D antenna pattern (linear scale).

Figure 3. Interpolated 3D patterns by AM (top left), BI (top right), WBI (bottom left), HPI (bottom right).