Comparison of Conversion Algorithms

Four interpolation algorithms are visually compared when looking at the resulting 3D patterns and the other hand analytically when using the resulting 3D patterns for the path loss prediction. For the comparison three different antennas from Kathrein are going to be evaluated with different values concerning the horizontal and vertical half power beam width (HPBW):

Table 1. Antennas (and their characteristic values) taken into account for the comparison.
Name Type Frequency HPBW (H) HPBW (V) Max. gain Elect. tilt
741 794 X-Pol 2110 MHz 65° 7° 18.5 dBi 2°
741 984 X-Pol 1855 MHz 87° 26° 11.5 dBi 0°
742 211 X-Pol 1855 MHz 67° 14° 15.5 dBi 6°

As a reference for the comparisons always the measured 3D antenna pattern is available (in all three examples). These measured 3D patterns are provided by the manufacturer of the antennas (Kathrein).

In the following an individual subsection is dedicated to each antenna, comparing the results of the different interpolation algorithms (on the one hand by the resulting 3D antenna patterns and on the other hand by predictions of the received power when using the corresponding interpolated 3D antenna).