Run a Simulation

Execute a simulation with the Run tool on the ribbon.

While a simulation is in progress, the software remains active enabling you to navigate in the current model and its diagrams. If multiple models are open, you can run a simulation on one model at a time. Changing the view from the current model to another pauses the simulation in progress. While a simulation is paused, you can execute a simulation on a different model and then return to the previous model and resume the simulation where it left off.
After define the parameters for your simulation setup and results, click Run .
The simulation starts and the Run tool changes to Pause . The green bar under the Run tool indicates the progress of the simulation versus the final time as defined in the Simulation Parameters dialog. The actual simulation time is also displayed in the lower left corner of the screen.

Pausing a Simulation

You can suspend a simulation in progress, make modifications to the model as needed, and then resume or restart the simulation.

  1. While a simulation is in progress, from the ribbon, click Pause , or from the model, double-click a block.
    The simulation stops. If double-clicking a block, a block dialog opens for you to change the block settings as needed.
  2. To resume a simulation, click Run .
    Depending on the nature of the modifications you make while a simulation is paused, the simulation either continues where it left off or restarts from the Initial time as defined in the Simulation Parameters.