What is Arduino?

Arduino provides an environment, boards and software to design and develop electronics-based applications.

Supported Boards

  • Twin Activate supports all Arduino boards, and has been specifically tested to support Uno and Mega boards.
  • Twin Activate models do not require specification of the boards to which they are connected.

Arduino IDE and Downloading

The Arduino IDE provides a graphical environment for the development of Arduino software. For Twin Activate, Arduino’s IDE is used to leverage the Arduino compiler and download compiled code to the target board. Arduino code (.ino extension) can be opened in the Arduino IDE, compiled and uploaded to Arduino boards.

To learn more about downloading the Arduino IDE, visit the website: www.arduino.cc.

Required Extensions and Libraries for the Arduino Block Library

The following Arduino libraries are required for supporting some blocks in the Twin Activate Arduino block library:

  • Adafruit TouchScreen by Adafruit Version 1.04
  • MPU6050 by Electronic Cats Version 0.0.2 (MPU-6050 6-axis accelerometer/gyroscope Arduino Library)