Modify Object Properties

Use the options in the Property Editor to modify objects in your user interface design.

Object Properties

The Widget Box contains the objects that are available for your interface design. Each object includes a set of properties that you can modify through the Property Editor.
The following properties are common for all objects.
uiObject Property Description
objectName Specify a name for the object.
uiWidget Property Description
enabled Select this property to enable the object in the GUI.

This property correlates to the enable property in the uicontrol object.

geometry Expand the geometry settings and define the object dimensions as X and Y or Width and Height.

This property correlates to the position property of the uicontrol object. All geometry settings will be saved as ‘normalized’ unit positions, relative to the parent.

font Expand and define the settings for font.
visible Select this property to set the visibility of the widget as on or off.

This property correlates to the visible property of the uicontrol object. If the visibility is off, the widget is not visible.

toolTip Enter the tooltip text or specify a file for the tooltip.