Import and Apply Materials

When you have a team where one person works on modeling while another works on materials, the Import and Apply Materials function can be used to import the materials and automatically apply them to the corresponding geometry in the model. This gives the team the flexibility to work simultaneously, so that the model can continue to be modified while the materials are being created and applied.

In this example workflow, the person who works on modeling is named Matt, while the person who works on materials is named Rhonda.

  1. Matt prepares a model:
    1. He creates a model in Inspire Studio.
    2. He saves the model as an .iStudio file.
    3. He gives the .iStudio file to Rhonda.
  2. Rhonda applies the materials. Meanwhile, Matt can continue modifying the model.
    1. She opens Matt's .iStudio file in Inspire Render.
    2. She creates materials and applies them to the model.
    3. Rhonda saves the scene, which is automatically saved as a new file in .iRender format.
    4. Rhonda gives the .iRender file to Matt.
  3. Matt imports the materials:
    1. He opens the .iStudio file in Inspire Studio.
    2. He selects File > Import and Apply Materials, and then selects the .iRender file.
    The materials in the .iRender file are applied to the corresponding geometry in the .iStudio file.
  4. The .iRender file is no longer needed and can be deleted.
If Matt adds geometry that requires additional materials, Matt and Rhonda can repeat the process above.