Define flange features in the part.

Designate surfaces of the part as flanges.
  1. On the ribbon, click the Die Design tab.
  2. Click the Part icon.

  3. Click the Flanges icon.

  4. Select surfaces in the model that are flanges.
  5. In the guide bar, select Flange Fillets.
  6. Select surfaces in the model that are flange fillets.
    Note: Flange fillet surfaces connect the selected flange surface to the part.
  7. Right-click and mouse through the check mark to exit, or double-right-click.
    The selected surface is duplicated and designated flanges appear in the model browser.
    To Do this
    Only view defined flanges in the modeling window
    1. In the Model Browser, click the icon next to your assigned part to hide it.

    2. The flanges remain displayed in the modeling window.