Troubleshooting: Can't Offset the Part


I can't create a matching offset for the part. In the Model Browser, the part is displayed in red and when I hover over it, an error message is displayed saying that the "Part failed to offset."


The imported part cannot be offset and needs to be modified.

Do one of the following:
  • In the guide bar of the Matching Die tool, change the Offset multiplier.
  • Go back to the Part tool and adjust the Thickness.

Cause 2

When you selected Apply Smoothing, some ribs were automatically moved to smoothen the addendum wall where it intersects the binder. When the ribs were moved, they became overlapped or too close.

Remedy 2A: Fix Overlapping Ribs

Overlapping ribs is the most common issue, so we suggest starting off by fixing them manually.

  1. Adjust the view as necessary to locate overlapping ribs.
  2. Rotate the ribs so that they don't overlap by doing one of the following:
    • Hover over the rail to display handles. Drag the lower arrow to change the angle of the rib plane.
    • Select a handle and enter an Angle in the microdialog.
    Note: If a rib can't be rotated, select the rib, and in the microdialog turn off the constraint Tangency G1 to the part so that you can rotate it.

Remedy 2B: Delete Excess Ribs

Check for ribs that are too close together or lie on the same plane, and then manually delete excess ribs.

  1. Adjust the view as necessary to locate ribs that are too close together or lie on the same plane.
  2. Delete ribs as necessary to smoothen the flow.
    1. In the guide bar, select Edit Ribs.

    2. To delete a rib, select it and press Delete.
      Note: If the rib is essential for maintaining the desired addendum shape, instead of deleting it, you can rotate it as described above.