Resolve Analysis Entities

With only a few exceptions, all analysis entities are supported in SimSolid. However, there are instances where mapping may be ambiguous. Any items that cannot be reapplied will be marked in red in the project tree.

All red entities must be resolved before the new analysis can be started. For connections and contact conditions, SimSolid will use automatic settings to reapply missing connections.

  1. Review SimSolid automatic connection/contact condition resolution settings:
    • Double-click on the desired connection/contact condition to edit.
    • Right-click on the desired connection/contact condition and choose Accept contact condition(s) in red to accept SimSolid's resolution.
  2. For boundary conditions in red, double-click to open the definition dialog.
  3. Reselect the missing location (face, edge, spot, or other).
  4. Click OK.
    The red will be removed. You can now begin the analysis.