Manage menu items.

  1. Menu Tree: Show the menu items.
    If a menu item is selected, submenu items are listed.
  2. Add: Add a submenu item with its name, icon, applied division and permission.
  3. Delete: Delete the selected menu items.
    The menu item is not deleted in the system; it remains as a hidden item and the Hidden status is changed to Y.
  4. Permanent Deletion: Delete the selected menu items permanently.
    Note: Deleted items cannot be restored after permanent deletion.
  5. Restore: Restore selected hidden menu items.
    The Hidden status changes to N after items are restored.
  6. Content order: Change the display order of the menu items. After specifying the order of the menu contents, click Content Order to apply.
  7. Click the name of a menu item to change the detailed information of that item.